12 tips before going sailing

Thu, 21/03/2019

Go sailing with guarantees and safety

Browse the Maritime-Terrestrial National Park of the Cabrera Archipelago

Port de Cabrera
Thu, 21/03/2019

The Balearic Islands are the attraction of summer.

Upgrades for pleasure boats in Spain - 2016

matriculaciones embarcaciones de recreo durante 2016 en España
Thu, 21/03/2019

Recreational boats registrations increase in 2.97% in Spain from January to July 2016

Get to know Formentera on board a yacht

Navegar en Formentera a bordo de un yate de alquiler
Thu, 21/03/2019

One of the most charming islands of the Balearic Islands is Formentera. Its calm waters, the protection of natural areas and the fact that you can only get from Ibiza by boat is an adventure.

Boat trips in Menorca, what to see and visit

Cala Trebaluger - Navegar en Menorca
Thu, 21/03/2019

Excursions by boat in Menorca

Where to dive in the Balearic Islands

Dónde bucear en las Islas Baleares
Thu, 21/03/2019

Water sports and water are the most prominent of summer. In the Balearic Islands, besides being able to take or rent a boat for excursions, it is ideal to dive in perfect places for it.

Cultural visit to the Balearic Islands on board a boat

Thu, 21/03/2019

The Balearic Islands are exponents of culture.

The registrations in pleasure boats grow by 3.2% until the month of August

Matriculaciones embarcaciones de recreo
Thu, 21/03/2019

The nautical sector is positioned and lives good times in Spain.

Boat trips in Mallorca

Excursiones en barco en Mallorca
Thu, 21/03/2019

Get to places never before reachable and visit the sea from the bow. These are some of the things that can be done in Mallorca, where  boat trips  are one of the most demanded of all the islands. 

And it is not surprising, because the Balearic Islands are at the head of the recreational craft market, taking 10.55% of the national market, according to the National Association of Nautical Companies with data provided by the General Directorate of the Merchant Navy. Moreover, the boat rental market rises by 46.8%, and the Balearic Islands are the second in this segment, with a share of 10.55 and 46 registrations, increasing by 17.59%. 

Mallorca - The island of calm

Yates Mallorca
Thu, 21/03/2019

Mallorca, the largest and most varied island of the Balearic Islands, is considered one of the most beautiful destinations in the Mediterranean. With its more than 550 kilometers of coastline, it is one of the best destinations to navigate and discover its marinas. It emphasizes its variety of landscapes and coasts, with incredible beaches always bathed by the sun and the good climate that makes it a very requested destination. You will be surprised by the transparency of its waters and its turquoise colors reminiscent of the Caribbean. The cliffs that surround the island give rise to wonderful coves, perfect for yachting and to enjoy hidden beaches with hardly any people.