Discover the charms of Menorca on board a yacht

Cala Macarella - Destino de yates en Menorca
Thu, 21/03/2019

Although the number of visitors is increasing every time, Menorca, in the Balearic Islands, is the island of calm, peace and relaxation. Some places on the island are part of a special charm that we recommend to be visited when we do tourism in Menorca.

Outings to the sea and culture in Palma de Mallorca

Thu, 21/03/2019

In the beautiful city of Palma de Mallorca , in the Balearic Islands, we find marinas and boat moorings to go around the island.

Mallorca, Ibiza and its boats, consolidated as 2016 tourist destinations

Mallorca, Ibiza y sus barcos, consolidados como destinos turísticos del 2016
Thu, 21/03/2019

Surf and watch the sunset, swim in the most attractive coves or rent a boat for excursions. All this and more are activities that the Balearic Islands offer, and a key destination for this summer season.

Boat route in Ibiza

Ruta en Barco en Ibiza
Thu, 21/03/2019

The island of Ibiza hides beach towns, recondite, beautiful and some still to be explored.

Browse and discover Formentera in May

Navegar y descubrir Formentera en Mayo
Thu, 21/03/2019

A new season of sun and heat begins in the Balearic Islands. A few months that fill the islands with tourists and citizens in order to carry out a variety of activities. Renting a boat and navigating the waters of Formentera  is a good option to discover different places that we can not even imagine, and go from one island to another with all comfort. Formentera is the smallest of the four islands but one of the most beautiful, a paradise for the senses with turquoise waters, high coves and water sports, sailing in the sea of ​​Formentera and Ibiza is a delight. Do you come this May? We have a yacht available for you that will allow you to discover the wonders of Formentera.

Yachts, under a world of stars.

Thu, 21/03/2019

If, in itself, sailing is a luxury, what about the possibility of doing it in the waters of the Mediterranean under a sky full of stars? There are plenty of words before this thought that goes through a charter in the Balearic Islands. Go through the rent, for example, among many other possibilities, of a yacht for a vacation concept the less different, do not you think?

great model on a super yacht

Sun, 08/05/2016

As usual in Mallorca every summer, celebrities, models, artists and more, visit us at our Island of Mallorca. Many of them want to enjoy browsing in the turquoise and crystal clear waters that surround us. Large yachts in Mallorca are provided by brokers who make every effort to achieve a magnificent resort in the boat that the client requests it. This summer, we had the opportunity to meet one of the desire of the fabulous model Cos Ferreira. A magnificent yacht rental in Mallorca with a great crew.

The island of tranquility

Port d'Alcúdia beach
Thu, 05/10/2017

Majorca or Mallorca is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the largest island in the Balearic Islands archipelago, in Spain. The capital of the island, Palma, is also the capital of the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands. The Balearic Islands have been an autonomous region of Spain since 1983. The Cabrera Archipelago is administratively grouped with Majorca (in the municipality of Palma). The anthem of Majorca is La Balanguera.

Like the other Balearic Islands of Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera, the island is an extremely popular holiday destination, particularly for tourists from Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, the Netherlands, the Scandinavian countries, the United States and Canada. The international airport, Palma de Mallorca Airport, is one of the busiest in Spain, and was used by 23.1 million passengers in 2014.