About us

We are your gateway to the world of Charter.

Yachts Charter In is a online portal exclusively dedicated to the rental of boats and yachts. Our goal is to give our customers who purchase one of our boats guarantee can enjoy 100% of your stay, by providing everything you want and need.

Yachts Charter In targets customers who seek excellent personal attention, looking for dependability and trust, providing resolute solutions. We believe in professionalism as a philosophy, so our vision is to become a leader in the marine industry and make efficient and direct to our customers and partners actions. All this being always present, values such as responsibility with a job well done, integrity and commitment to our team, passion daily and adaptation to customer needs, complemented by exquisite service.

Juan Manuel's story

Long ago, I convinced myself that one does not look for things; they are the ones that find you. My life with the nautical world began at the age of 16, in my family's marine business. I learned a lot during five years, helping to repair and optimize the boats for the summer seasons. Year after year I realised that all the customers whose vessels I repaired, enjoyed the summer in a very different way than mine, since then, the sea has been in all respects, decisive in my life.

While I was training to be an electrical engineer, the enthusiasm for sailing was being settled, until one day it became the focus of my passion and my life. I dreamed of becoming captain of a yacht, it was then, when I decided to train to be able to practice as such, and with hard work and dedication, I came to obtain the titles of Professional skipper of recreational craft (RSPP) and Yachts Commercial Offshore Master. I love what I do and every day I am most grateful to all these people that I have come across in life and who have given me a hand, to be able to work on what I like most.

Long time ago I was considering the idea of creating a website dedicated to yacht charter, an activity that excites me and in which I really believe, but the truth is that I never found the right time for it, nor was I clear on how to approach such a broad and interesting topic as this world is. After dealing with many families on the vessels where I served as captain and, were they were fascinated with the wonderful corners and coves that surrounded us, I decided to create this website to facilitate renting boats that are offered in the Balearic Islands.