Yachts, under a world of stars.


If, in itself, sailing is a luxury, what about the possibility of doing it in the waters of the Mediterranean under a sky full of stars? There are plenty of words before this thought that goes through a charter in the Balearic Islands. Go through the rent, for example, among many other possibilities, of a yacht for a vacation concept the less different, do not you think?

Much is said about the sunsets and sunsets on board a boat, but little about how the nights can be. Close your eyes and just imagine it. You will have gotten a tiny idea of ​​what the experience we are talking about is like. 

Earthly stars have already overtaken you

Messi and his family, Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafa Nadal, Sergio Ramos and a host of personalities from all areas have already taken the lead in this of the stars. Prints that are repeated every year and that go around the world. Stars of the sky and the most earthly joined by one thing: live a different summer aboard boats.

In Yachts Chartering we know the reason for this trend: privacy and exclusivity. A difficult binomial to get, more when it comes to holidays. We all like luxury, not just Messi and Cristiano. We all want to be calm when it comes to enjoying free time. We all want an unforgettable experience, live the sea from a unique point of view and reach the places where you can not go as usual. We all want and we can all, including you.

A daytime scenario in which to enjoy the warm waters that bathe the Balearic Islands, the coves that can not be accessed otherwise and the establishments only reserved to those who can arrive. Do not miss the night, when the sun goes down. A dinner under the stars? A bath illuminated by the Orion constellation? Navigate following the stars?

Go to another dimension

If you are still here and have not run out to find your charter and your suitcase, you know, spending a vacation on board in Ibiza or Mallorca is surrounded by stars 24 hours a day. Under the sun it will be time for tattoos, familiar faces and the most famous bodies, leaving the constellations of Perseus, the Big Dipper or the Southern Cross for the nights.

Do not tell us, you better let us guess: the nights! It is normal to count the hours to have before your eyes that scenario in which the stars draw the shapes from which they receive their name.

You, the immense sea and the stars. There can be nothing more seductive except to think that before your eyes you will have lights of which the Greeks, the Romans and practically all the civilizations that contemplated them before you already spoke. To opt for a charter is to choose to see another immensity beyond the sea with your eyes. You dare?