Browse and discover Formentera in May

Navegar y descubrir Formentera en Mayo

Rent a yacht and discover 5 places in Formentera in the month of May

A new season of sun and heat begins in the Balearic Islands. A few months that fill the islands with tourists and citizens in order to carry out a variety of activities. Renting a boat and navigating the waters of Formentera is a good option to discover different places that we can not even imagine, and go from one island to another with all comfort. Formentera is the smallest of the four islands but one of the most beautiful, a paradise for the senses with turquoise waters, high coves and water sports, sailing in the sea of ​​Formentera and Ibiza is a delight. Do you come this May? We have a yacht available for you that will allow you to discover the wonders of Formentera.

One of the characteristics of the island of Formentera is its crystalline sea, ideal for a calm and relaxed navigation on a sailboat or another type of yacht. It is transparent thanks to the posidonia meadow that surrounds the island and cleans water naturally. Its importance has made it declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999, in its work to protect the environment. This seabed is a spectacle that deserves to be seen and nothing better than diving to get into it and see caves, gorgonians and posidonia meadows.


Your headlights

Another sign of identification of Formentera are its lighthouses, authentic exponents of its present and past, as they served to monitor the ships that arrived to the islands, to contemplate them sailing on board a yacht is a marvel. The Faro de la Mola is one of the most recognized, located on a cliff almost 200 meters above the sea offering spectacular views and being a source of inspiration for a novel by Jules Verne.

Architecture and populations

Although it is an island of small dimensions, it hosts some municipalities that we can visit once we have our yacht moored. They stand out for their white houses and flea markets that are still styled since the hippy era. The towns of Sant Ferran and Sant Francesc stand out, with their churches, terraces and restaurants where you can try authentic seafood cuisine. 

Film coves

All the Balearic Islands leave us a legacy of beaches with which we have always dreamed. The coves are almost virgin, and they lodge perfect corners to anchor our yacht and rest, relax and admire the best landscape of the islands.

Waters and swim

In most of the months, Formentera and Ibiza welcome activities related to swimming at sea. In this month, the Ultraswi event is celebrated, which takes place on May 21, and consists of swimming 30 km from Es Pujols to Santa Eulalia. In this framework, the II edition of the Mini Ultraswim will take place, which welcomes 5 km by swimming from Cala Llonga to Santa Eulalia. The latter will be part of the Open Water Spain Cup, with the participation of some of the Spanish Olympic team athletes.