The registrations in pleasure boats grow by 3.2% until the month of August

Matriculaciones embarcaciones de recreo

The nautical sector is positioned and lives good times in Spain. Without going any further, analyzing the first eight months of the year, recreational boat registrations have been 4,095, a figure that represents a 3.2% increase over the same period last year.
They are data of the National Association of Nautical Companies (Anen) that establishes that the rent of boats stays strong, and the figures suppose a 13.4% more of recreational boats registered for charter.

By type of boats

During the summer months, boat rentals and purchases skyrocket. Until August, the boats that cover the market tend to be over 16 meters, as they experience growth of 60%, taking into account that their market share represents only 1.4% of the rental of pleasure boats.

While the boats that have lengths of between 8 and 12 meters continue increasing their registrations with the growth of 17.5%. Although the segment that grew the most was that of vessels between 12 and 16 meters (4%), while lengths of up to 8 meters increased 3.6% to the figure of 3,695 vessels registered.
According to Anen , these boats are still the most demanded, taking shares of 90.2%. As in other summer months, jet skis and motor boats have considerable growth, with 16.2% and 6.8%, respectively. But the candle experienced a drop of 4%, with a total of 240 registrations, with a figure of 10 less than a year earlier.
While other data that give us are that the registrations of pneumatic folding and semi-rigid boats that had reductions of 15.5% and 4.4%, respectively. 

Baleares, still ahead

In terms of boat rentals and registrations, the community of the Balearic Islands was the first, with 678 total registrations until the month of August, representing 6.8% more, and a share of 16.6%. The second province is that of Barcelona, ​​with 578, being the growth of 24.3% more and a weight of 14.1%. It is closely followed by Alicante, with 269, and growths of 10.7% more.