Where to dive in the Balearic Islands

Dónde bucear en las Islas Baleares

Water sports and water are the most prominent of summer. In the Balearic Islands, besides being able to take or rent a boat for excursions, it is ideal to dive in perfect places for it. Discovering an inner marine world is fascinating and thanks to the landscapes of the Balearic Islands, diving becomes a highly demanded activity.


The island of Formentera is excellent for diving. The boat will take us to such places to submerge us in the water. We can highlight the dives in the area of ​​Vellmari and the famous beach and cove of Ses Salines, in the north of the island, known to be a World Heritage Site thanks to the marine reserves, the posidonia meadows, and its favorable state of protection. and reserve. 


In Cabrera , we find the National Park of the Archipelago of the island, which presents a fantastic underwater landscape almost virgin, perfect to always dive from a boat. 


And of course, the largest island has many corners for diving. Among the diving areas are the Cap de Formentor, where you can arrive by boat. It stands out for having calmer waters than in other areas. Then there is the Arenal beach, which is recommended for all those who start in this activity. While the Island of Dragonera offers an unparalleled interior landscape thanks to its transparent waters that allow to see the marine species with clarity. Other areas are the bays of Pollensa and Alcudia, which allow the visit of caves, cliffs and others. Next to the boat, it is in a good place for snorkeling.


We highlight especially the Marine Reserve dels Freus de Ibiza . It is important to arrive by boat, leave it moored and guided by the instructors in such activities to start immersing yourself in the water. Once you have practice, you can go on your own. On the other hand, you can also go to Conejera Island or the beaches of Cala Bassa. Here the clarity of the waters stands out again to observe the interior much better.


Some of the best areas for diving are on the island. The southern coast is favorable, with the island of l'Aire and the islet of Cagaires, while the north hosts the beach of Fornells, and the Marine Reserve of North Menorca with many species.