Boat trips in Menorca, what to see and visit

Cala Trebaluger - Navegar en Menorca

Excursions by boat in Menorca

The summer continues and with it many trips to the Balearic Islands. Menorca is becoming the favorite island of tourists. There are calm, charming beaches and the possibility of renting a boat to sail in Menorca or the other Balearic Islands.

Boat rental 

The nautical activities are some of the most important actions in Menorca. Thanks to the boat rental , it is possible to reach a lot of places, make excursions on the high seas and learn to navigate a boat. You can go a whole day, a few hours, or stay overnight on board and live on the high seas for a night or several. A tempting experience to guide you on the best boat patterns of the Balearic Islands.  

We immerse ourselves in their populations

Enigmatic and curious, and small in size. This is what the populations of Menorca are, with 96,000 total inhabitants. We can arrive by boat to Maó , the current capital, and eat DO cheese; see the monuments of Ciutadella, the ancient capital of this island; or go to Ferreries, Sant Lluís and Es Migjorn Gran. Other towns to access, which are known for the wonders of its beaches, are Fornells and Es Mercadal. If you want to access with your boat you must bear in mind that due to the high occupancy of moorings in the Balearic Islands , you must book in advance to avoid surprises.

Talayotic monuments 

If anything defines the island are its spectacular coves and the architectural remains of millions of years ago. Many of these remains are the talaiots, dry stone towers that were built between 1000 and 700 BC Some of the best known are the naveta des Tudons, a funerary monument with remains in its interior from the ninth century BC. While the necropolis of Calescoves is located in a large natural environment next to the sea. To arrive is perfect by boat, when presented within a set of cavities dug into the rock walls of the ravines and, therefore, the coast.

Of museums in Menorca

Art is also very present on the island, thanks to its newly created museums and art galleries. We will name the Menorca museum, the most important museum institution on the island, and will show examples of the life of Menorca, distributed over three floors, with temporary exhibition rooms and the auditorium. Other museums to visit are the Museum of Nature in Ferreries, Sa Farinera de s'Arangí in Es Mercadal, the Culture Hall of Sa Nostra Ciutadella and the Factory in Maó.