Get to know Formentera on board a yacht

Navegar en Formentera a bordo de un yate de alquiler

One of the most charming islands of the Balearic Islands is Formentera. Its calm waters, the protection of natural areas and the fact that you can only get from Ibiza by boat is an adventure. Rent a boat in Formentera or Ibiza and navigate its waters is an unforgettable experience. 

It is the island of calm where all possible and the smallest of the Balearic Islands. This summer take the boat and immerse yourself in Formentera, something divine and almost virgin awaits you. And if you can not this summer any time is good to navigate the calm waters of Formentera

Lighthouses of Formentera

The lighthouses end up being protagonists of these islands. In Formentera, once we have arrived with our boat or with the charter company, there are many things to visit. Among the lighthouses, the lighthouse of La Mola stands out , with a long history and tradition, we find it in the highest place and, formerly, served as a defense of the rest of the island for the pirate ships that arrived. Now it is the highest viewpoint of the island from where to see fantastic views of the sea or the natural parks of the area. It is the lighthouse where advertisements and outstanding films have been filmed, and the landscape is well worth it.

Natural Park of Ses Salines

We continue with the boat and we arrive at some of the key axes of this island. The natural park of Ses Salines is located between Ibiza and Formentera. It is one of the protected parks of Spain and has outstanding value in offering a special marine inner world, by grouping all kinds of endemic species. It has 2752.5 hectares of land and 14,028 hectares of sea, and 85% of the territory of the Park is marine with the so-called Oceanic Posidonia. The advantage of posidonia, which can be seen from a boat doing an excursion, is that it is a different marine plant that favors the maintenance of fish and marine organisms and also keeps the waters of the place clean. This park also includes some well-known beaches, so after the visit one can take a leisurely swim.

Unrivaled beaches

Undoubtedly, the main attraction of the Balares Islands are its beaches, some of which are so deep that its access is difficult, only being able to arrive by boat. Among the beaches of Formentera is Es Cavall d'en Borràs , near the port of La Sabina, being a quiet beach that allows you to see the boats that anchor in front of it. Ses Platgetes, on the other hand, is white sand and is the envy of many tourists when they see it for the first time. 

Boats and nautical

All the Balearic Islands stand out for their boats and nautical sports. And Formentera was not going to be less. It has 69 km of coastline, of which 40 are of sandy coast, and stands as the island to be able to navigate with complete peace of mind especially for sailing. You can see the Ses Salines park and the inner marine world. The winds of Formentera are favorable for navigation, in summer they are light and medium, while in winter they change because there are also temporary periods with winds over 30 knots. 

Family activities

In addition to sailing, a sport that can be done as a family especially during the summer months, there are more things to do in Formentera when we go with children. From visiting the park to cycling, going up to the lighthouses or spending the day in its coves, children have a great time between islands in order to offer a different world, surrounded by colorful fish.

Cultural heritage

Seeing in Formentera buildings and other exponents of its most cultural history is also possible on the island. It is time to moor the ship and see some of the important examples, such as the megalithic sepulcher of Ca na Costa, a funerary site with vestiges dating from 2000 BC, a fact that makes it the oldest megalith of the Balearic Islands. In turn, there is the chapel of Sa Tanca Vella, rectangular in shape and covered with a barrel vault, it was acquired by the City Council of Formentera in 1983, and declared a Site of Cultural Interest, in the type of monument, in 1993. recommends you see the Church of Sant Francesc Xavier, declared of Cultural Interest, in the typology of historical group, in the year 1996; the church of Pilar de la Mola, of Good of Cultural Interest, in the typology of historical group, in 1996; the penitentiary colony of Formentera, the defensive towers; Camí de sa Pujada; the dry stone walls; the flour mills, which are the Molí d'en Teuet (1773), the Molí Vell de la Mola (1778) and the Molí de ses Roques (1797). 


Also in Formentera you can go shopping like in the rest of the Balearic Islands. There are markets and fairs, such as the Art and Craft Fair that takes place from the beginning of May until the day of Pilar in La Mola. In it there are also musicians, jugglers, and other artists who welcome a large number of visitors that increases over the years. The Artisan Market of Sant Ferran opens every day except Wednesday and Sunday and is also a meeting point for many tourists and natives of the island who show their crafts and sell products in a paradisiacal environment.