Upgrades for pleasure boats in Spain - 2016

matriculaciones embarcaciones de recreo durante 2016 en España

Recreational boats registrations increase in 2.97% in Spain from January to July 2016

Like boat rentals , during the period from January to July 2016, boat registrations in Spain are up 2.97% compared to the same period in 2015, with a total of 3,601 recreational registrations. 

This data, offered by the Recreation Boat Market, ANEN , establishes that boat rentals gain strength, registering 12.6% more recreational boats for charter. 

It should be noted that vessels of up to 8 meters have a good growth of 3.8% more registrations, being the most demanded in this sector. The group market share is 90.6%. However, the registrations are less in boats of lengths ranging from 8 to 12 meters, as well as boats over 16 meters, which experience 20% fewer registrations during the first seven months of the year. 

The water motorcycles grow their registrations, and they do it in a 16.5% just like the motor boats (7.1%), enrolling 1,585 units. The sail has a little significant increase of 1.9%, and its registrations in this period in Spain is 216 total sailboats. The registrations of pneumatics fall in all their categories. 

Upload the boat rental

The sector of yacht charter lives good times in Spain. The rental market grows 12.6% from January to July 2016, adding 1,046 recreational boats for rental use. The most rented are boats up to 8 meters and motor boats. Every day it is easier to rent a yacht to navigate the Mediterranean

Baleares, key axis of pleasure boats

If the provinces where more registrations are carried out are analyzed, the Balearic Islands, Barcelona and Alicante are the most outstanding in this sector. Islas Baleares remains in first place, with a 6.77% growth in registrations in this sector. They are followed by Barcelona, ​​which groups a share of 13.61%, and finally Alicante, with a market share of 6.66%.  

With these good figures, the summer season is expected to close with positive numbers, as these are the months when boats are usually rented and some boat sales are added, the Balearic Islands once again being the place with the largest transactions.