12 tips before going sailing


Go sailing with guarantees and safety

Catching or a boat and sailing is a great experience. However, it is necessary to have the necessary knowledge and take into account the advice established in this matter. Renting a boat is easy, so if we do not know how to sail there are patterns that can accompany us on the cruise and enjoy the Balearic Islands aboard a yacht

State of the boat

According to the Ministry of Development , one of the essential things to check before going to sea is to see the good condition of the boat for which it is necessary to review the operation of this and state of navigation equipment and communications, engines and the security teams. Always in the case that we have our own boat, but if we rent one for a few days, this issue will be borne by the company that rents us the yacht. 

Weather information

It is essential that before navigating we take into account the weather forecast of the area ( AEMET ). Both the state of the sea and the weather itself. In any case, if there is heavy rain or poor visibility and waves, it is not advisable to sail. 

Navigation plan 

It is interesting to do it both for one's own use and for others to know where we are at each moment. That is, it is necessary to inform before the date on which the destination will be reached, the port from which it leaves and the destination to the yacht club and to people known in case of emergency. 


When sailing on a boat, we must carry the precise documentation, both personal and boat and communication equipment. It is necessary to give the contact number and the number of people to contact in case of emergency. On the other hand, nautical certification and regulatory documentation must be in order.

Information on the route to be made

In the navigation plan seen above, it is vital that there is information about the route we are going to take by boat. According to the Ministry of Development, we will need maps, nautical charts, lighthouse books, mooring places and moorings available from the area in question.

Promotion Information

The Ministry of Development makes available to users the free emergency telephone number (900 202 202), which is used in situations of alerts for people who from land warn of a dangerous situation at sea. In addition, from Fomento explain that you can contact (VHF channel 16 or 2,182 Khz) with the nearest Maritime Rescue Center or Radiocostera Station. 

Have the necessary medicine kit

We will have to review and / or replace the kit with what is necessary in case there are unforeseen events, such as distributing the pills against seasickness between the crew or the people who will board the ship during the journey. 

Protection and security

The safety and protection rules must be basic in every boat. One of the essential aspects are the life jackets, which must be on the boats and also in perfect condition, suitable for each sailor (taking into account when there are children to be of your size). There are also survival suits that take full days if necessary. 

Insurance policy

Within the previous point is the insurance policy that is needed for each type of vessel and needs. On the one hand, it highlights the Civil Liability insurance, which is mandatory for pleasure boats. 


Traveling by boat is something different from being in a hotel. While many people use boats for occasional excursions, others do so for days or weeks. Especially for the latter, we will have enough provisions to spend a few days at sea. This is to have enough food, water, proper clothing that we will carry, belongings, tools, protection from the sun, etc. always depending on the needs and the people who will go on board.

Choose a company that gives you confidence

When we want to sail and we need to rent the boat, we will go to a serious company that offers us the guarantees we need. If a skipper is required, the boat rental company will offer us the necessary crew and will take care of the insurance, the safety on the boat and the rules that must be met. The same pattern advises travelers what will be the best navigation plan, weather conditions to navigate, where to go, etc. 

Choose the boat according to need

Before sailing, it is essential to choose the type of boat according to what we want to do. Yacht, boat, catamaran, boat, sail ... and the type of length, either to sail days or to make a short trip, celebrate a party, go with friends or group, to anchor ... if we have it clear we can choose the type of boat to be used and, if not, it is the boat rental company that will choose the boat that is available at that moment and adapted to each type of person.