Tourism and boats: Palma de Mallorca expects to exceed 87.6% of hotel occupancy in summer 2016

Turismo de yates en Mallorca

It is no secret that the Balearic Islands are the favorite of tourists in the summer season. And summer has not been able to start better for Mallorca, because the capital, known for its marinas and boat rentals , has already increased by 6% hotel occupancy. 

Only in the month of May, still not being the beginning of summer, Palma de Mallorca has exceeded 85% occupancy, a figure that the previous year remained around 80%. And the forecasts are good, since from May to September an average increase in employment of 2.6% is expected, comparing it with the same period of the previous year.

According to data from the Hotel Association of Palma de Mallorca, last year in this season, the average hotel occupancy was 85.46%. And is that hotels succeed in summer in the same way that boats do thanks to being able to rent and make trips throughout the Mediterranean. 

According to IBESTAT, from January to May 2016, the rooms of Palma City hotels have had almost 64% occupancy, with an increase of approximately 10.6% compared to the previous year. As a general note it is noteworthy that Palma has 43,000 hotel beds, 7,770 in Palma City and 7.7% of them (around 600) correspond to the boutique hotels opened in the center of Palma.

Leaving the hotel and boarding a yacht is an excellent option to visit the island of Mallorca . And see Palma from the sea. The hotel offer of the city is extended and so does its quality, with a higher room rate. This means that visitors with high purchasing power also increase, not only in summer but in all months of the year. 

Palma de Mallorca has a superior tourist offer. Marinas, regattas with yachts and boats, sailboat excursions, cultural visits, a varied gastronomic offer ... for this its visitors recommend it, nothing less than 97%, while 95.5% say they would return to Palma.