What to do on a yacht or boat in the Balearic Islands


Enjoy the Balearic Islands aboard a yacht

Summer gives way to days of sailing and vacations. In these, nothing better than to sail the seas aboard a yacht within the Balearic Islands. In the boats, besides being able to rent it for hours, days or weeks, we can launch ourselves to discover the different islands and go from one to another with the same boat. We recommend what to do a boat.

Luxury yacht parties

The truth is that parties can be done on yachts or boats, of different lengths and sizes. It is a great option to rent a luxury yacht in which to celebrate a great event. These boats are fully equipped for the comforts you want. The party can be done with the yacht in operation, all day, at certain times or with the boat stopped. You can order dinners and catering on board and even stay overnight, whatever you ask for is always different depending on the needs of customers. Ibiza or Mallorca are usually places of reference to organize such parties on boats, especially at corporate or other private events.  

Bachelor party

For parties or for groups of friends. The boats in the Balearic Islands are also usually rented for bachelor parties. Then they can be done from parties to longer stays where you can do water sports. The best boats for the farewells are the catamarans, being able to accommodate a greater number of people, or the yachts having everything.

These celebrations usually last a weekend and can include trips and excursions around the islands a half day in the morning, or other more complete alternatives such as overnight stays on board with activities included. Usually the boats are rented exclusively and privately for the group, which represents a great comfort for the participants to this farewell. The boat allows you to moor and party at night in Ibiza. 


Other things that can be done on board a ship is to reach areas of great beauty for diving. It is a sport that is very widespread in the islands, which allows us to see a truly spectacular marine interior world. The diving activity can be done with family or friends or share the boat with other people who also want to dive, everything depends on the needs and the options that are chosen. We recommend diving in the area of ​​Formentera, housing the posidonia plants.

Boat trips through the Balearic Islands

To rent half or a full day of excursion in boat in the Balearic Islands is one of the most demanded and frequented activities of the islands. Lets perform something different to tourists on foot of the islands. The excursions in the sea take you to different corners of the islands, the coves and beaches, and offer huge and different landscapes. Request your excursions, prices and possibilities to navigate.

Romantic getaways

The couple breaks take place throughout the year. It is a way to relax and do something different so that the couple enjoy each other in a very different environment such as the Balearic Islands. Whether sailing or motor, a boat trip can become a totally unforgettable day, and you can also dine or sleep on board to make the experience even more complete. 

Navigation classes

Other things that can be done when renting a boat is learning to sail it. For this, the nautical stations that we find in the Balearic Islands allow to do theoretical and practical classes for the initiates or amateurs in this of the navigation. Managing a boat is not an easy task, but nevertheless, it gives way to a different marine world in which one is the boss and enjoys the freedom to do what he wants. In the nautical stations, they will teach from the nomenclature of instruments, to maneuvers of man to the water and of anchoring, to curling candles, to the trim of candles or the check of the boat. 


For businesses

In addition to parties for all areas, activities for companies are more incentives to bring employees together in a different environment by the sea. Thanks to the boat rental, groups of workers do networking and other team building activities to interact with each other and learn to navigate in groups. In addition, other alternatives are the company regattas, which are incorporated into the congress and incentive programs so that everyone can participate. In the same boats can also take place the company presentations, presentations, meetings ... 


In these same boats other activities are related to fishing. From the boat, fishing trips are always organized on boats that are equipped for this purpose with patterns that explain the way of fishing and learn how to do it at the indicated times. It is really a unique experience that allows you to be in contact with the fishermen of the Balearic villages and learn from them about the way to fish. 

Regattas and competitions

If boats serve anything when we are in the Balearic Islands, they are for racing. Here are the most important competitions in the country, so you can participate in them directly or indirectly. The boats are usually rented, according to seats, in order to participate in the races as long as a minimum of established requirements are met.