Routes of mysteries and boats in Palma de Mallorca

Barcos en Palma de Mallorca

This summer, Palma de Mallorca will again welcome many tourists who want to be surprised by its landscapes and new proposals. Once we have moored the boat for excursions on the island , there are other options really loaded with surprises, they are routes where the mystery and legends of the city are explained thanks to emblematic places such as convents or monuments.

And it is that, according to tourism of Palma de Mallorca , in the Balearic Islands, the city was inhabited for thousands of years, so it has been a fusion of cultures and stories in the form of squares, neighborhoods and architectural elements. The pirates who docked in the city have been protagonists of many stories, because the marine life has always been favorable to it thanks to the number of boats and yacht routes that are made.

Visiting the walls

From its Arab past, Palma de Mallorca leaves many examples like the walls . In its passage through them the legend of the crucified of Medina Mayurqa is explained. Well it is said in those times the Muslims hung several Christian prisoners from the walls of the wall. They tried to move the attackers and avoid their shots. After the offensive, none of the Christian prisoners was injured. In this area there are also Arab baths that stand out for their impressive architecture.

Legends of the convent of Santa Clara

In Palma you can do many tours to dive deeper into the city. In this case, and after the rental of the yacht that has taken us from one island to another, it is time to get to know the convent of Santa Clara , special for its legends. The mystery tells the story that in the church, during the Middle Ages, and while veiled by the body of a lady, he stole the ring of the lady of the nobility. But at this moment, the alleged deceased awoke from lethargy, thus avoiding her burial in life. This gives way to many interpretations but it is best to see the architecture of this convent.

Mystery routes

Other routes that also abound with the mysteries of the city are those of routes from Palma, those of Tomir or Mallorca Rutes, which, through tour guides, allow you to enter a magical history. 

Of boats

There are also stories to be explained on the boats. Not only for what we can do in them, either in parties or regattas of sailboats , but also in those more historic boats. The story that concerns us tells of the persecution of the Jews who lived in the neighborhood in the city. They left the island with an English ship but due to a big storm the ship stayed where it was.