Sailing with the family in the Balearics

Navegar en familia en Baleares

Advantages of sailing with the family in the Balearics

The idea of ​​enjoying with the family can be something precious or become an odyssey if we do not organize a tailor-made getaway. In the Balearic Islands, there is nothing better than taking the family to sail by boat to do something different, reach more places and start the children in the navigation. If you do not have a boat, it is best to rent it with or without a skipper.


One of the advantages is being able to do a different activity. That is, on the one hand, there are family boat trips that allow you to enter unusual places that are impossible to reach in other ways. The islands call us to go out to sea and the family is perfectly entertained. In these excursions we can be in a group, with more people, alone, with guides ...

Have fun

The main goal of sailing on a boat with children is the ability to have fun. Going with children on vacation is not always an easy task, so we will have to find new incentives to have fun. The best thing is that they can get on the boat from babies to children and adolescents who are attracted to the sun and waves of the sea and have a great time. For a day, half or several days lost at sea, the ship will love them. 

Living big and small

When we go in family to the Balearic Islands we are all living together. So that sailors can go grandparents, parents and grandchildren. It is an experience that also promotes coexistence and relationships between different members of the family.

Relax in the sea

The boat brings relaxation. It gives people absolute freedom and, as some films say, one becomes the king of the world. The oscillation of the waves offers a different degree of well-being. In a way that activates us, it gives us energy but at the same time it offers that much needed relaxation during our stay in the islands, especially if we are on vacation. It is positive for children, who in addition to contemplating the landscape can get to sleep being something necessary at certain times of the day. 

The environment, fish, flora and more

Sailing by boat in the Balearic Islands also allows you to discover the surroundings. In a purely Mediterranean environment such as these islands there is a flora to see and children can learn to identify aquatic plants and wild flowers found in the caves and in the seascape of Menorca. On the other hand, fish and other marine species that preserve the sea are a gift for the senses. In different activities from the boat is usually explained what is the fauna of the place, a wonderful world that deserves to be covered.

Vacation at the sea

The Balearics offer a complete vacation for all. To rent a boat and sail, it is not necessary to be an expert, you can count on the figure of a captain who will be the one who will take the reins so that the family can be on a yacht quietly. But if any member of the family already knows how to navigate, then the yacht rental makes us live a few days at sea, eating, sleeping and reaching special corners.

Bathing or playing sports

From the ship, many things can be done. When we stop or the boat anchors, children can take advantage of this moment to bathe in the fantastic beaches and coves of Menorca or Mallorca , or to practice water sports either with motorcycles, water skiing, diving ...

Teach and learn while playing

Going into the sea is much more than seeing landscapes. Little captains can learn many things from the world of navigation while they play. On the one hand, there are the navigation courses, which allow them to start in this practice, both theoretically and practically. While the instruments of the boat also help them to learn, it is a different material, and parents must teach them the names of each tool and use it in a playful way. They learn nature, animals, the ecosystem, geology, and geography in a natural way without costing them. 


Safety at sea

When traveling with children, precautions should be more important. Safety at sea is a priority. First we must look at the day it does to launch us to navigate, the guides and responsible for the boats will advise us on how the sea is and if it is going to rain, when it is better to stay on land and leave the crossing for another time. In addition, the ship must be provided with the necessary safety measures, such as life jackets and other tools for this. In any case, you must respect specific navigation rules. 

Equipment, protection, clothing ...

When we decided to sail with our family on a yacht through the waters of the Mediterranean, it is important to have the right clothes and equipment for your use. The sun can burn us, so it is common sense to apply the appropriate sunscreen and protect children with caps and sunglasses. It is better to go with clothes that are somewhat impermeable because they can get wet and the shoes should have the same characteristics. The stores specializing in nautical equipment have the most suitable materials for expeditions at sea.

Choose the type of boat

Finally, another advantage of sailing in the sea is that for families, normally, being closed groups you can choose the type of boat you will use to get off the road. Yachts, medium boats, sailboats ... there is a taste for everyone.