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Sea, boats and gastronomy in the Balearic Islands

Be on top of a ship, in the restaurants of the islands or at home, the cuisine of the Balearic cuisine brings a great wealth of flavors, smells and color. The most traditional allies with modernity to offer different dishes but with the same tastes as always. If you have decided to take a boat trip , eat in it quietly, it is an option to make day trips on the sea.

Seafood cuisine

A horse between Catalan and Valencian cuisine, it is a type of cuisine totally Mediterranean. As it could not be otherwise, the cuisine with dishes from the sea is the protagonist of the Balearic Islands. Fish, seafood and others cruise the tables and boats on a day of navigation to give place to the rich Guisat de Peix and Peix Sec, which are mostly eaten in Ibiza and Formentera, or the famous lobster stew of Menorca . Also noteworthy is the Ibizan tuna or tuna stew that is usually prepared with spices and white wine. And we can not forget the escupinyas, being the exclusive mussel of Menorca. The fish soups are traditional, in the same way that we should try the typical Balearic fish, the jonquillo chimichang.
The rices can also be taken on the deck of an impressive ship. Among the best known are the recipes of black rice, which often carry onions, squid, tomato, water and salt. On the other hand, the Majorcan lobsters and lobsters are excellent.

From Orchard

Other dishes carry products from the garden. This is the case of Mallorcan soups made with vegetables, or aubergines stuffed with Menorcan, which can be baked or fried. Normally, they are cooked with a layer of potatoes under another layer of aubergines on top, covered with tomato sauce and peppers, and then you can add fish or meat, depending on the taste of each diner.

The meats

Not everything is going to be caught in this kitchen so rooted in the sea. Its interior also hides sausages and select meats. This is the case of camaiot, butifarra (botifarró) and xolís (of peasant origin). These delicacies can be taken on a boat sailing between islands. The Mallorcan tumbet is also made with chicken that is made with sanfaina, among other rich ingredients, and the lamb roasted Mahón style. Other meats are stuffed chicken, turkey with almond sauce and pigeons in chestnut sauce. We can also eat the rabbit with onion, duck with olives, and cocas with meats, sausages, vegetables and fish, whether salty or sweet, which are usually eaten as first courses or as a single dish.

Typical products

DO, the cheese. Mahon cheese is one of the best known in Spain. It has DO and it is said that it is eaten since the 10th century. The truth is that it tastes great and is used in different dishes. 
A rice in the high sea, when we are on a boat, tastes better with the liquid salt of Formentera. It is the lowest sodium salt produced in Spain, and it is also used for all kinds of dishes. On the other hand, among its sauces, the one of es Tàperes stands out, it is a traditional condiment and serves to season, both fish and meat with the base of capers that this sauce carries. The sobrasada is well known by all those who come to the island. It can be taken in sandwiches, dishes or desserts. If it is with honey, it is really good and presents a superior quality, registered under the Protected Geographical IndicationSobrasada

A tour of the desserts

After the first dishes, tasted on our rental yacht, we give way to desserts. In the Balearic gastronomy there is a great quantity of them, but the most traditional one is the ensaimada, bought by thousands of tourists before leaving the island. Of angel hair or cream, it is done in many ways and can be found in stores and restaurants in different sizes. 
In turn, you can also try the pastissets, which are flower-shaped pastes, and orelletes, which are either shaped like an ear or a flower. Carquinyols can be found in many places, but this dry pasta is more typical of Es Mercadal. Among the desserts are also the Ibiza cheese cake or the fritters of the same island. 


Every dish deserves to be well watered from an exclusive drink. In the case of the Balearic Islands. On the one hand, wine is also traditional, because although less known, they have been produced for a long time. For example, in Menorca good wine is produced, distinguished by "Wine of the Earth Island of Menorca", where the Chardonnay, Macabeo, Malvasia, Moscatel, Merlot, Monastrell, Syrah and Tempranillo varieties predominate. Malvasia wine is the best known, a wine with depth and sweet grape that extends, especially, on the island of Menorca. 
Another drink to highlight is the herbal liqueur from the island of Ibiza. A drink made by pageses dating from the seventeenth century and that, after years, has been perfected. It is elaborated with the base of ethyl alcohol of wine and molasses, and of an incomparable mixture of aromatic plants. It is usually taken as a digestive dessert.