Caviar on a yacht


There are true fans in the waters of Mallorca. Lovers of the navigation and the swings of the boat that each year decide to cruise or obtain the license of a vessel's skipper to sail in the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean. Of course, vacationing on a yacht is a symbol of status, but it is even more so to drive a crew crazy with the most elaborate and luxurious requests that can go through the mind of someone whose main concern is not paying the bills. Capricious, extravagant and, above all, lined with money; if the millionaires wanted, instead of traveling on a cruise, they would order the Mediterranean water to be poured into their bathtub, but, fortunately, they like too much to be noticed wherever they go.

That is why luxury yacht companies are prepared every time one of them lands on their deck, because overnight they may encounter the problem of finding cans of Russian caviar in the Mediterranean Sea. is ready !!!