Renting a boat in the Mediterranean is becoming easier

Amarres barcos y yates alquiler en el Mediterráneo

Thanks to the amount of moorings and charters that are available throughout the Mediterranean, it is easier to rent a yacht every day

Recreational boat registrations grew by 3.7% during the first half of the year

This data is supported by the figures of Anen , National Association of Nautical Companies, which establishes that the recreational craft market in Spain increases by 3.7% in the first half of the year in Spain, compared to the same period as the last year. 

In addition, the rent of this type of vessels experienced increases of 11.47%, although it grows to a lesser extent than in the three previous years. Therefore, it is important to highlight this rise in boat rentals to visit the Balearic Islands or other destinations in the Mediterranean. Other data that Anen gives are that in this period of time the registrations in Spain have been 2,742 recreational vessels compared to 2,644 registered in the first semester of 2015. 

Only in June, in particular, 835 new vessels have been registered, a figure that represents 3.34% more than in the month of June last year. If the ship measures are analyzed, those of lengths between 12 and 16 meters grow, which do so by 20.6% (82 registrations compared to 68 registered between January and June 2015). 

Regarding the types of boats, are the jet skis , another of the amusements of the summer season in the Balearic Islands, which grow by 11.4%. The same as motor boats, which grew by 10.1%, while sailboats remained positive, with growth of 9.3%.

However, there are boats that lose their bellows, this is the case of folding inflatable boats that see their sales fall until June around 22.7%. And they also lower, but less, the registrations of semi-rigid pneumatics, with registrations of 428 boats.

Every time there is a greater number of users that take to the sea and that their dreams of sailing a ship are fulfilled. Now the rents are somewhat more affordable and intended for all kinds of people. From families, couples or groups of friends who prefer to spend their holidays in a different way to get into the sea.